Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why We are Part of Amazon's Affiliate Program - and What That Means For You

In the last 2 years our family has forged through 4 MASSIVE and necessary renovation projects (like health hazard necessary), a really tough pregnancy, and A LOT of transition.  During this time of survival, we mustered the strength, courage, and stamina to fill Etsy orders as they came in and keep the business afloat.

We very recently had the time (energy, resources, and drive) to really focus on growing the business.  You can read a little about that journey here.

This blog is a means of expression for me. A way to reach out of this wild life and share what we've experienced, lament on the lessons learns, and boast of the progress made. 

"Monetizing" my blog (using it to earn income), was a simple transition for me. I love writing and am grateful for the time to jump back in.  When I found out I could help our family business move forward while sharing our story through my posts, it was like a win-win for us.

So, why Amazon Affiliates?

Well, we love Amazon!  We purchase our packing supplies, our wood finishing products, and lots of other tools of the trade through them!

In fact, when we first moved to the farm, my husband proposed, "for every project I do, I get to buy a new tool"....I nodded in jest. But, it turned out to be no laughing matter. We have scouted out, researched, purchased, and worn out more tools in the last two years than I even knew existed. During the In-Law Apartment build we had to acquire tools for plumbing, framing, electrical, trim work, and everything in between.

Each purchase was made after careful research and comparison.  We benefited from the product reviews and recommendations on DIY blogs and used their affiliate links confidently.  And now we want to be a contributing party, to share our stories of triumph, to inspire confidence to face a new project, and to offer direct links to the products discussed for research and review.

What does that mean for you?

The resources and links provided in our blog are to help you explore your options, narrow your search, and gain confidence in your tool selection for your DIY projects.  We only include endorsements from products we feel will be a blessing to you and you are under no obligation to purchase them. But, if you do decide they will work for you, using our links to make your purchases (as we try to do for other bloggers) will add pennies to our savings jar so we can keep DIYing here on Rehoboth Farm.

We thank you for supporting our small business by using our affiliate links.

From our home to yours,
Charlie & Katie

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