Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY - Building a Loft Bed with Stairs - A DIY Family Project

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As we prepared for our adoption through the foster care system, we decided to arrange the rooms for as many possible sibling group combinations we could accommodate. Mr. Steady and I thought a loft bed would best suit our second bedroom and still allow play room (or an extra bed) below it.  Mr. Steady immediately went to (an AWESOME blog by a DIY mom in Alaska who designs FREE building plans for everything from beds to greenhouses).  He printed the plans for a loft bed with a staircase (instead of the traditional- and iffy - ladder rungs). With about $70 worth of lumber and screws, we built it in two days!!!  
One invaluable tool we had in our arsenal that really helped the process along was the Kreg Jig. 
Mr. Steady predrilled all the pocket holes before assembly and we were able to put the whole thing together like an Erector set! And the hardware is tucked away neatly for a better aesthetic.

Ana's plans are very clear and well organized.  We have built 3 other projects from her plans and they all were so simple (and fun!) to build.  She gives shopping lists, cut lists, and clear instructions.   Go to CAMP LOFT BED WITH STAIRS for the full building plans on this project. 
These are the dimensions of the finished product, according to her plans.  We adjusted the design a little to suit the room we were placing it in.  We decided to move the staircase to the right side of the bed, so it can be moved up against the wall. We also shortened the platform, so the stairs don't stick out so far.

Ta-da!! That's me and Tess on top!! Mr. Steady even got up there to test the weight limit. It is very sturdy!!  He added 4 corner brackets (the little triangles) for added strength too.  It is a "junior height" loft bed, so it's not eye level with the ceiling fan, but there is still a 47" clearance underneath for a desk, or a bed (we have the box spring on a frame in the photos, but no mattress yet), or a fort/play area.
  The staircase sits right up against the wall and is only 18" wide....perfect for little feet.
Tess (wearing ear protection while Daddy used the saw) loves working on family projects with Mama and Daddy and helps out as much as possible. When the work gets too tough (or noisy) she gathers all the extra pieces and builds her own creations.  So fun!
 A few notes:
I am not receiving anything from the Kreg Jig company for this review. I HONESTLY just love how it made the process so much smoother and I want you to know it!
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