Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who's Who at Rehoboth Farm

Me & Mr. Steady
When I met Charlie 11 years ago, he was a golf pro (yah, crazy right?).  He has also worked in retail management, sold health supplements, managed several banks, and was even an optician. And he was wildly (and almost instantly) successful at each one of these vastly different endeavors. 
How did he become so adaptable?
Charlie's parents met in the U.S. Coast Guard (jumping out of perfectly good helicopters!) and he was raised in the pick-up-and go of a typical military family.  His childhood was a blur of transition and change. That constant instability, only by the grace of God, has created an internal stability in Charlie that is truly unshakable.  His faith and steady nature has been an example for our family of God's unchanging character.  Charlie is predictable, reliable, and I know no matter what we come across (or what crazy idea I come up with), he won't waiver. He'll just assess, strategize, and lead us through.  This amazing Renaissance man is more than just brawn - he is the backbone of our family, our business, and our farm.
Then there's me...sometimes referred to as "the brains" in the relationship - a nickname that has less to do with intellect and more to do with my desire to solve, arrange, create, design, change, and dream.  I was raised by a wise and resourceful single Mother on a tight budget.  I quickly learned to see potential and possibilities in everything. Starting projects is like breathing to me. I can't help but pursue progress, improvement, and beauty.  I can be overly passionate, pretty distractible, and a bit of a wild card. That unbridled enthusiasm is the reason why my blog topics are so "diverse", my homeschool style is somewhat opportunistic, and my garden is always a surprise....but, mostly it's the reason why I need Mr. Steady.

Charlie's courage and willingness to try, fail, and try again is the reason why we could leave our suburb in the city for a nearly century old farmhouse several states away, start our own business, renovate every square inch of our home, build an in-law apartment, and work a family farm (and that was just the first two years!).
My victory over fear (and a grizzly stubborn streak) is the reason why we're still alive to tell the tale.
And God's amazing grace is the reason why we're smiling about it. Thank you, Jesus!

Meet the rest of the gang:

 Our Curious Cowgirl
Tenderhearted and thoughtful, this sweet girl has been seeking opportunities to be a blessing to the family since she learned to walk.  She has a helpful sprit and is never far away when a need is made known. She is an amazing big sister, farm hand, and the official "Chicken Wrangler" here at Rehoboth Farm.

 Our Sweet Songbird
She was a peeper and a squeaker from birth and still serenades us daily and nightly (and sometimes at 3am) with her own little lullabies. She faces the world fearlessly (as we all should) and never wastes a moment standing still. She was an early crawler, early walker, and the official "Early Riser" (yawn) here at Rehoboth Farm!
Our Shop Shepherd

Have you seen those bumper stickers that say "My German Shepherd is smarter than your Honor Roll student"? - That's Sophie.  She is our diligent protector, sweet companion, and official "Shop Dog" here at Rehoboth Farm.


  1. Love the introduction and love how you have carved out such a wonderful life for your family. We miss you! All our love to you and yours.

  2. Thank you! As we finally settle in here I'm finding opportunities to write again. The blog is a great outlet for me.