Thursday, February 5, 2015

Finding Rehoboth - And Finally Coming Home

"...and he called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said, For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land." - Genesis 26:22
Rehoboth means “spaciousness”.  For years I clung desperately to that verse, feeling cramped and frustrated with city life, yearning for a “forever home” in the country.  And for years I was bound by confusion, wondering why I had this “selfish desire”, being so unsure of God’s will for our lives.  There was so much I didn’t understand. I was tied to the idea of an unpredictable God, so ignorant of the true gospel and His abundant love for us.  I was unwilling to trust my Heavenly Father as a person of peace, protection, and provision.  I was confused about His character, His intentions, and His promises. I became comfortable with a distance in our relationship, wondering what He wanted from me, wondering when I was crossing the line, wondering who He really was… until His mercy found me.

And now, just a few short months later, I am here, living in a 100 year old farmhouse on 7.5 beautiful acres, so sure of God’s love for me and His good will toward us.  I am amazed at the miracles I’ve seen, at the grace we’ve witnessed, and at His loving hand in our lives.  I am amazed at how His truth has set me free from the burden of guilt and the bondage of fear.  I am amazed at His word and the strength I’ve gained from it.  I am praising His name for His provision, His direction, and His comfort. I am learning to run to the shadow of His wing and walk confidently in that security. I am learning to trust, to live by faith, and to receive graciously.  I have so much to share about this journey, but it’s still in my heart.  We're still trying to take it all in. This surreal reality we had only called a dream before.  This land of spaciousness and peace, where there is room enough for three generations to share a roof.  This place of great potential for the fruitfulness He has promised.  What a journey.  I desire so desperately to share it with words, but they haven't come to me yet.
In the mean time, I have pictures:

And someone else's words:
These are some of the lessons that really opened my eyes to God's true character and His deep love for us. I hope they are a blessing to you:
The True Nature of God:

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