Monday, February 23, 2015

PPScripture Lullabies - Healing Scripture and Peaceful Music for Young and Old - Hidden in My Heart volume 1, 2, and 3.


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I know lullabies are for babies and our mature, discerning ears should be interested in more "grown up music".    But, this grown-up has found a CD set that has completely redefined my appreciation for music.  These powerful songs have brought peace in my life, empowered me to stronger faith, and eased my soul during times of distress, unbelief, and fear....and yes, they're lullabies.

I know God's Word has the power to heal, to encourage, to enlighten, and to strengthen our hearts.  But, we don't always have the courage, the access, or the strength to read it.  These songs have helped me in those times. When my mind needed renewing and my heart needed soothing.  

Here is a brief description of the three volumes available:

Vol. I
This cd was given to me as a gift. I immediately melted in to the soothing ballads. This volume as a whole reveals how God relates to us as a Father. The song titled "I Will Never Leave You" portrays God's loyalty in such a personal way.  The lyrics begin: "When your sky is cold and lonely and your heart is filled with fear..." Who hasn't been there? I think we've all fallen in to a desperation that only God's peace can conquer.  This song brought that peace...and still does each time I hear it.
The song titled "Love Is" really brought me to a new revelation about God's character.  A very obvious revelation that I probably shouldn't admit I had overlooked for so long:  God is Love.  So, 1 Corinthians 13 is a description of God. I know - duh! I can be a little slow, sometimes.  Understanding WHO God is has brought more peace in my life than any other truth. Hearing His promises over and over is a priceless blessing.

Vol. 2
I bought this cd as soon as I found out it existed.  I was so pleased with the first one - and already wearing it out - I couldn't wait to hear 12 new songs. And I WAS NOT disappointed! Another beautiful collection of hope-filled music. This volume is a beautiful portrayal of how God relates to us as our Creator. I have learned to adore each song for it's own particular beauty during different times of struggle. Like when I thought my cd player might give up on me after the 16th round of "Everything is Possible."  But, it held out. And so did I - thanks to the comforting truth of God's Word.  When we were expecting our youngest daughter, I would play "Wonderfully Made" to bring me back to a place of appreciation and awe of the life within me when there was nothing else to appreciate about my 3rd trimester aches and pains. And now we play it for her during her nap time!

Vol. 3
This volume has a different feel to it.  It is wholly focused on how God relates to us as our Savoir -through Jesus. The songs are a reflection of Christ's life, His sacrifices, and the power of His love.  The song titled "By His Name" is a great spiritual weapon to wield in times of doubt.  Songs like "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" and "All For Us" have the perfect melodic beat to lull you to sleep...every time!  Don't play these songs in the car unless you've filled up on caffeine. They are THAT calming.  Like a warm blanket, a comfy chair, or a massage....for your heart.

If my heart felt adoration isn't enough to convince you to get your hands on one of these musical gems ASAP....I'd like you to know that the creators of this beautiful collection *donate 1 cd to a pregnancy resource center for every 10 cds sold! So, not only can you soothe your soul with these powerful tunes, you can be a part of sharing them with others. (*You don't have to purchase 10 cds, but they do make great gifts!) 

When I find a blessing like this, I can't help but share with all who will hear. These songs are beautifully sung, and professionally recorded. But, there is a power behind them that is supernatural. As God's Word is carefully tuned to music, an unexplainable peace is broadcast in every note.  I can't explain it. It's really something you'll want to experience yourself:

Honestly, if you want one, you may as well just order two. They make GREAT gifts for baby showers, holiday gift exchanges, Mother's day, birthdays, and just because. We all know someone who could benefit from some peace and comfort in their lives. 
FYI:  Expectant mothers will smile sweetly when they pull this cd out of the fancy blue or pink wrapping and thank you politely....but after days of sleep depravation, when they tear through the pile of baby gifts at midnight and finally unwrap this miracle-maker and lull that baby to sleep....they will call you...and thank you again...and probably cry a little. I know, because I started giving these things out like candy as soon as I learned of them.  I wish our family would have encountered them a lot sooner.
I hope you find a great blessing in these, as we have!

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