Monday, January 19, 2015

Rehoboth Farm Collection - How Our Business Was Born

We’ve always been the kind to haul scraps of wood out of a burn pile or save old tin cans to create new treasures.  Upcycling was not a new gig for us.  We were pickers at heart and we loved finding somebody’s old and making it into our new.  We love to see transformation, whether it is from a piece of wood to a table, or from a flea market table to a work of art.  We always kidded that our family slogan should be, “We don’t make it, we just make it better.”

But, we have a new slogan now. A slogan very befitting, earned by a trying summer of transformation.

When our moving van arrived, we stood in disbelief.  Our belongings had been strewn along the side of a highway during a truck wreck and were being delivered to us in splintered pieces.  We were relieved to hear no injuries occurred in the collision, but it was a lot to take in. 

There was some sorrow and sentiment as we watched the battered, sometimes unidentifiable contents get carried in to our new home.  But, then we started picking through the pieces.  The wheels were soon turning and we no longer saw what we had lost, but what we could gain.  We sifted through the carnage, pulling out fractured boards, table tops, and cabinet doors, day dreaming about the new life they would soon have.

 With the pile of furniture scraps and any nostalgia set aside, we immediately took on our biggest transformation project yet – Our century old farm house.   We soon found ourselves with more piles. We weren’t sure what we were saving it all for, but we couldn’t let perfectly good lumber, siding, and hardware go to the dump, so we stashed it away. 

A few exhausting weeks later, still unemployed, totally out of money,  and overwhelmed with the house construction, the traumatic move, and the tasks still ahead, we daringly shared our secret dreams with eachother.  To our amazement, we both had the same one!  We wanted to start a family business and repurpose everything we had gathered in to beautiful farmhouse d├ęcor.  We suddenly realized this was all bigger than us. Bigger than just our farm.  Bigger than just our belongings.  We could see a door had been opened for us. God was leading us toward a family enterprise, something that used our talents, our hobbies, and our love of transformation.  This was our great escape.  This was our chance to share our creations with others and still put food on the table.  This was our chance to walk in freedom at Rehoboth Farm.  

We immediately charged forward with projects, business start-up, and production.  We opened our Etsy shop 1 month later with 40 items listed.  We are rejoicing in hope of our grand success, but we know it will be by the Lord’s power alone. Only He can make our hearts grateful for a pile of wreckage.   Only He can teach us to hope. He pulled US from the burn pile and made US into treasure. We are HIS story of transformation. 

So, when we say “From our home to yours”, we really mean it. We mean that the shelf you purchased for YOUR home was made from floorboards from OURS.  And even when we use new materials, we mean it was made from our hearts.  
We hope you find something that is a blessing:

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