Saturday, November 26, 2016

Celebrating A Decade Of Gingerbread Houses - The Next 5 Years

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In my previous post, "The First 5 Years", I started a timeline to display the baby steps that led to grand development in our gingerbread house making skills. What began as a creative bonding process for newly weds became a full blown family tradition. Years of fun (and shocking progress) finally brought us here....


First of all, please excuse my photography skills. I didn't seem to progress as drastically in that skill as I did in my gingerbread craft.
Well, as you can see, this year was a doozy! We deviated completely from the safety of using a gingerbread house kit and constructed our own.  With no engineering experience, we were both surprised to find our creations still standing after weeks of display and transport.
The building structures were made with graham crackers.  They held together so nicely we decided used them the following year.
This year we decided to share our love for gingerbread houses with our church family. I made 35 mini graham cracker houses, set up a decoration spread, and made a day of it.  The kids had a blast - everyone's turned out so differently.

Even our little Curious Cowgirl (age 2.5) made her own little masterpiece...
Poor Gingy.
The next few years were a little chaotic.  It wasn't until we moved to our new home here at Rehoboth Farm that we were able to pick up the piping bag again. And since we were still recovering from the Great Kitchen Debacle, we decided to play it safe...and small...and cheap.

Ta-da!  I know, they're pretty sad. We were exhausted, a little overwhelmed, and desperate for some sense of familiarity. We needed some gingerbread house making therapy. And these little guys were just the ticket. 
** 2016 **
This year we are ready to start fresh...we're well rested, have plenty of construction experience, and are excited about celebrating 10 years together...making messes, making trouble, making gingerbread houses...and making beautiful memories! 
The icing is on the table and the sprinkles are gonna fly!  I will post a link to this year's come-back creations HERE as soon as they are complete!
I hope you've enjoyed this photo timeline and the silly stories that accompanied it.  It has been a joy sharing these special times with you.  I'd love to hear your comments, questions, and ideas on gingerbread house making! 
From Our House to Yours,


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