Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DIY: Converting the Garage - Building an In-Law Apartment From Scratch

 Up until this point, most of the work had been carried out without disturbing the garage area. We were still storing some things there that we hadn't moved/sold yet, namely a gigantic china hutch we called "The Beast" that wouldn't fit through any other doorway.  We tried our best to work around it.
We brought materials and tools through the garage door and locked it securely at night.  But, there came a day when we knew it was now or never. We had sold "The Beast", the weather was right, and someone was on their way to remove and retrieve the garage door/opener. 
We quickly framed a wall, using a powder-actuated nail gun to secure it to the concrete slab. 
This was a defining moment because this was the location for the new front door - the official entry to the new apartment. But, first we had to seal it.

Rather than buying "house wrap" as a weather insulator, we were offered a large panel of "wood wrap" (an almost identical material the lumber yards use to protect the lumber during transportation) for free. Sold!
The window and doorway were trimmed out and secured with flashing tape. That stuff doesn't joke around! It is STICKY!

Then, we installed the window in place - and just for fun, opened it and had a little chat from either side to get a feel for it. So great!

And then....the door. A front door! This was the big moment! It was officially a home. Not just a wing on the side of a home. But, it's very own home.

Not too pretty yet, but still very official. We had some extra pieces of siding that were behind the shed when we first moved in. We set the dingy old pieces out on the lawn and set our Curious Cowgirl to work with a bucket of soapy water.

Meanwhile, Mr. Steady trimmed the door out - wow! Starting to come together...

And the last of the siding is in place....

Ta-da! All in a day's work!
Neighbors who have driven past this house for decades were blown away to cruise by and see this. Didn't that used to be a garage door? Am I losing my mind?

I just LOVE a good before and after!

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