Thursday, February 9, 2017

Honoring Small Business and Selling Local - A New Adventure for Rehoboth Farm

A new adventure in the new year!
 We have been astonishingly successful selling nationally, through our Etsy shop.  Interior decorators, small business owners, and everyday customers have purchased our handcrafted products from all over the U.S.  
Having a national customer base is an honor and we are very grateful. We can humbly look back on 550 sales in the last 2 years and see the hand of a generous God.  So blessed.
Our reputation is established, our style is clear. And now we feel it is time to shift our focus. 
We're going local! 
 I know this seems backwards for a small business. Typically it is the ambition to "expand" outward.  But, that's not our story. 
Our hope is to always stay small enough to honor handmade, handbuilt, and handcrafted design.  One opportunity we have to convey this passion is by starting  a "local shop" ...a place to fill with our one-of-a-kind treasures, to sell larger items too cumbersome to ship, and to build a customer base within our own community. 
For now, our "shop" is a booth.
  In the Mckenzie Antique Mall
 It's not much yet, just a start. But, we are proud to have a home for all of our handmade inventory.  We will continue to fill it with inspiring pieces as the seasons pass and look forward to feedback from our local customers in this new adventure for Rehoboth Farm.
Here is s peek at the new booth!
The humble beginnings of something great.

70" Farmhouse Console Table with American Black Walnut slab top.
A look at the beautiful table top.

Framed feathers from our very own Guineas!

A refurbished breadbox. Circa 1960.

The famous Rehoboth Farm picture ledges - all sizes!

A variety of handmade signs, pictures, and framed photos.

Handmade art from reclaimed cabinet doors.
Original prints from photos taken right here at Rehoboth Farm.

Refurbished Vintage Magazine Holder.

 Rustic Farmhouse Entry Bench - Cherry Wood slab top.

Rustic Farmhouse Entry Bench - Slatted Pine top.

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