Monday, January 7, 2013

Adoption Update - A Year of Lefts and Rights - 1.7.2013

"Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight." -Psalm 119:35

The Lord sent encouragement yesteday through a friend at church. We were talking between services and discussing how God is working in the adoption right now.  I shared how fickle I feel when I announce that I think God is leading us one way...and then a few weeks later, I announce how that didn't "work out", and now I think God is leading us somewhere else.  
This is the wisdom she shared: "Katie, when you try to follow the will of God, you will look like an idiot to most people...even yourself. Sometimes He tells you to go left, or right, or turn around and it never seems to make sense at the time.  It seems like there are so many bends in the road, but if you are diligent in following His will, when you look back on it will be a straight line."

I thought about the truth in that statement as I looked back on the many journeys of my life:  Meeting my husband, moving to Texas, my salvation, our family, our friends, our church.... God has given me a testimony in each of these things. As I look back on all the lefts and rights that got me hindsight, it really does look like a straight line.  Amazing.  

We have so far accumulated one year's worth of twists and turns on our adoption journey.  In January of 2012 we signed up for foster/adopt training classes through the Texas foster care system. We were liscenced last summer and we have tried to be diligent in keeping the commands of our Navigator so far. When we were asked to veer right and take older children - we veered.  Then we were asked to turn left and take 4 children instead of 3, we turned.  When we were asked to clear a mountain top and take in 4 boys, we put our whole heart into the climb.  And now the Lord has opened the door for a precious sibling group of 3 in a different state (Ohio, by the way)!  Will this be our destination or will it just be another bend in the road? We don't know, so we continue in faith.  We know God is working in all of this, even though none of it makes sense to us yet. We know the Lord's ways are so much higher than our own and we can't expect to know what is around the bend until we get there.  But, we are learning to trust that He does. He made the bend.  He made the lefts, the rights, and He made the path He has set before us and we delight in following his commands. 


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