Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Starting Spring Projects at Rehoboth Farm - 2015

The weather was still dreary and the ground was still soggy, but the calendar said spring, so we were ready!

  With 7 acres ready to sprout up after a dormant season, we thought we ought to be ready. So, our first spring purchase was a mower (thank you, craigslist!).
Our next project started was this little puzzle...
Which came together like this....
And eventually, like this...
The greenhouse is made by OGrow.
 We did have a particularly blustery day about a week after we put it up and I had to catch it in midair as it rolled across the yard like a tumbleweed.  Fortunately my tomato plants survived the commotion.  We decided to pound in t-posts on the outside of the greenhouse and secure the frame to them.  So far, no more wind acrobatics. =)

 Our last MAJOR project was the chicken coop. Here is the frame coming together...

We recycled flooring we had pulled from the farmhouse, lumber with termite damage, and leftover cattle panels from the fence.
After building the base, we set (hoisted, dragged, heaved) the frame on top and secured it to the foundation.

This project became an instant priority as the chickens were quickly outwearing their welcome in our overcrowded garage.  We blew through the construction in a matter of days and moved them in to their new home with squeals of delight!  Read more about the Chicken Coop in these posts:
Happy Spring!

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