Saturday, November 26, 2011

5th Annual Family Gingerbread House Challenge -2011

Mr. Steady and I decorated a gingerbread house together the first year we were married. It wasn't much to look at, but we had fun!

We have continued this tradition, each year stepping up our game a little.  Our favorite part is the blind vote.  We ask our family, friends, and YOU to vote on your favorite (without revealing the respective designer of each one).

This year we branched out from the pre-made kits and designed our own architecture with graham crackers (not easy in the humidity!)
Here are this year's entries.... 

1. Tri-County is our beloved church where Tessie attends Bible Bees.....

2. The Farm House (as Tessie calls it) is our dream home.

Cast your vote in the comment box!
"And in to whatsoever house you enter say first, Peace be to this house."  - Luke 10:5

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  1. AMAZING!!! Seriously-- you two are beyond talented and creative-- sheer gingerbread genius!