Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Miracles and Big Celebrations - A Lesson from my Toddler

Our garden seems to be flourishing under the tender care of my little girl's green thumb.  She even got to taste the fruit of her labor (literally) last week when the first cherry tomato turned red!  

I don't know about you, but when I pour myself in to a task or project, I expect results, change, and progress.  I determine the worth of my efforts by the outcome.  I measure, judge, process, decide....and sometimes forget to enjoy. I water my garden every morning so that the plants will grow and produce a harvest. My daughter joins me every morning...with no intentions or expectations.  To me, I see the growth as slow and subtle...but to her, each change is radical and unexpected. She celebrates each new flower bud, then celebrates it again when it opens, and again when it bears fruit.  She points out each new leaf and every ant her eyes fall on.   I would miss most of those little miracles if it weren't for her enthusiasm.  It is a good reminder to recognize the sweet little miracles within every task, and to appreciate a project for more than the expected results.

We found a particularly large miracle in our herb garden yesterday...what a treat for my daughter. She was just bursting with excitment when she spotted this little guy. She celebrated his surprise appearance with squeals and giggles.

And she celebrated again when he blinked his eyes...and again when he popped out of the soil...and again when hopped out of the planter...and again and again....until he was out of sight. 

Here's to little miracles and big celebrations!

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